Art & Design

I make things. In the outside world I use technical pens and acrylic ink wash to illustrate stuff and make jewelry with wire-wrapping and beads; in the computer world I use Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator to create and edit logos, layout designs for posters and programs, book cover concepts, and artifacts from worlds that don’t exist.

(Oh, and I read terrible vampire novels so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.)


Miscellany & Disasters

Varney the Vampire recaps, essays on why things go wrong.

UG MOVIE Mark 2 sized square.png

Posters for imaginary films; logos for imaginary organizations.

I particularly like the Erebus Health System logos. Plus some old cover designs from way back when STRANGE PRACTICE was THE UNDERGLOW.


Art Books that Need to Happen

What it says on the tin. An ongoing series featuring a variety of topics which really ought to exist in the art criticism world.


Administrative Ephemera

Miscellaneous artifacts including a fully color-coded org chart for the Gretaverse’s infernal civil service, marked-up photocopies of medical textbooks, and more.



Of interesting things and places.

stark airlines.jpg

Absurdist Comics

The Littlest Winter Soldier and other MCU nonsense, circa 2014.