Five Things — Chuck Wendig

Guest post on Chuck Wendig’s blog discussing STRANGE PRACTICE and what I learned while writing it.

The Ordinary Extraordinary: Contrast in the Works of Robin McKinley —

An article on why McKinley’s fantasy protagonists work so remarkably well for me (because they’re people, rather than high-fantasy tropes), discussing the importance of contrast in fiction to maximize both interest and dynamic potential.

What it says on the tin. I'm a big proponent of transformative works in general, and I have learned a very great deal over the centuries from writing and reading fic.

6 Ways that Fanfiction Makes Your Writing Stronger —

Much has been written about the enormous importance of looking things up before you write about them so as to avoid ranking too high on the Dan Brown Scale of Did Not Do The Research—but there’s another side to this particular coin.

How Much Research Should You Do For Your Book —