So, Readercon 2018.

I've just got back from spending eight hours on a train from Boston to Baltimore and am thus somewhat incoherent, but I did want to mention some of the highlights of this year's Readercon:

  • Getting to see friends again whom I only have a chance to see occasionally, catching up with them, talking about what everybody's writing and where they are in the OH GOD I CAN'T DO THIS WAIT NO I JUST DID AND IT'S AWESOME cycle
  • Meeting people face to face whose work has been so important to me for so long
  • The strange high hotel on the hill which will never not be a Stephen King setting
  • PROGRAMMING -- I didn't get to go to all the panels I wanted to, but the ones I did were fantastic
  • For the first time ever, having people come up to me and recognize me and tell me how much they liked my work -- or, in one particular instance, how much they appreciated the research I put into the medical aspects of the books
  • Spending much of Saturday learning wirework from Elise Matthesen, whose artistry I have loved and lusted after ever since I first saw her work, and now itching to get my hands on improved equipment and supplies because I want to play so much more with the techniques she taught us
  • Having the concept of larger and smaller infinities actually explained to me by none other than Seth Dickinson, who was wonderfully patient while I worked out where I wasn't following
  • Getting to meet all kinds of awesome people and talking with them about all kinds of stuff including practical necromancy, air crash investigation, the fact that screaming skulls lay eggs, and a whole lot more
  • Dinner at the Indian place with dear friends for the second year in a row
  • Firming up plans to write an actual novella starring Devin Stacy the NTSB necromancer 
  • In-depth discussion of Stephen King's The Outsider with John Wiswell and Arkady Martine
  • feeling like I'm part of this world, really and truly, rather than an outsider myself
  • finding a copy of book one for sale in the bookshop/dealers room and offering to sign it
  • getting to meet Melissa Caruso even super briefly -- that was AWESOME :D
  • barcon in general

My first Readercon, three years ago, I was a very stripling and had absolutely no understanding of this strange new world; it felt like being given a glimpse into a complex and fascinating universe I very much wanted to be part of. This year, I did feel part of it, and I want to thank everyone who helped make this year so particularly special. 

And next year will be even better. 

:D :D :D