GRAVE IMPORTANCE is here...but more importantly, I think, THE SERIES EARNED OUT

Before the book even dropped. In fact, it had earned out as of June 30.

I am amazed. Thank you to everyone who’s read or listened to the books so far, and I truly hope you enjoy GRAVE IMPORTANCE as much as the rest. I personally think it’s the best of them all, and I had so much fun writing it — and learned so much about what to do, as opposed to what not to do, which DREADFUL COMPANY taught me in extreme detail. I know my own workflow now, and the techniques that work for me (which may work for some other people, but certainly not all) and discovered that in effect the way I write is sort of the way screenwriters work. Which is unsurprising because when I write I am basically describing a movie that happens in my head — I know how I’d frame the shots, how I’d do the lighting, how I’d fade from scene to scene, and turning that into prose is what I do.

I’m glad you’ve come along with me so far, and I hope you follow me where I’m going next.

Here is the page with all three books and a bouquet of links to buy them with, in case you haven’t but are interested. And here is a dreaming octopus, by way of thanks.