One of the things I love doing when I ought to be doing something else... putting together official documentation for imaginary places. This can range from stuff like business cards (Brightside & Dammerung, Remedial Psychopomps: No Job Too Improbable) to internal documents such as organizational charts. I spent a happy twenty minutes coming up with Hell's organogram, and it's color-coded and quite beautiful, I'm pleased to report. 

Today I've gone back and revisited the visual identity of a couple of organizations within Hell proper. I am a rank and self-taught amateur and only started playing around with Illustrator a few weeks ago, but the sheer scope and power of the program is astonishing: nothing that powerful has any right to be so much fun. 

I've put up both the color and b&w versions of the logo designs on a separate page, to keep things tidy. 

(Technically the Lake Avernus Spa & Resort is part of Erebus Health, along with Erebus General and the Uphir Center, but it's iconic in its own right and they demanded a logo of their very own. Faust -- the EHS medical director -- complains about the architecture, but it's a point of pride.)

If none of this makes any sense yet -- hang on, book two will be out in July, and book three will feature much more underworld shenanigans.