Varney the Vampyre recaps, collected for your convenience

In chronological order. You may note that I am inconsistent with the spelling of vampire; I think it’s contagion from the total lack of consistency found everywhere in the text.

VS Presents Varney the Vampyre, or The Feast of Blood (and is not making any of it up)

The Probable Consequence of the Mysterious Apparition’s Appearance: Varney the Vampire

Varney the Vampire Gets Shot Some More (Also There Is Breaking and Entering)

Charles Holland's Sad Feelings, Plus More Gunfire: Varney the Vampire, cont'd

Oh Honey No, You Can't Write Dickens, Plus the Summerhouse of Foreshadowing: Varney the Vampire, cont'd

I Defy You To Your Teeth, Sir: Varney the Vampire (Finally) Heats Up

And Now for Something Completely Different: Varney the Vampire Hijacked by Totally Random Story (Also Wow, Vampires are Gross)

FIGHT ME: Varney the Vampyre and the Dryly Witty Correspondence

"Good God," said Henry, "I did not think of that!" Varney the Vampire and the Truly Dim Supporting Cast

Varney the Vampire Develops the Outline of a Character, Plus Standard Gothic Novel Shit

Blood, the Vampyre's Motto: Varney the Vampire Has Very Little Game

FIGHT ME (AND ME, AND ME, AND ME): Varney the Vampire and the Endless Negotiation of Duels

DOWN WITH THE VAMPYRE: Brave Sir Francis Runs Away

REAL ESTATE DECISIONS OMG, or, Varney the Vampyre Doesn't Do A Whole Lot

"We Have Committed a Great Mistake," or, Varney the Vampyre and the Inept Ambush

"I propose that we procure two scythes," or, Varney the Vampyre Acts More Inexplicably than Usual

I Knew That Guy Was An Asshole: Varney the Vampyre and the Completely Unsurprising Plot Twist

Vampyre or Clock-Weight: It's Difficult to Tell, or Varney the Vampire and the Comic Relief

Sir Francis Varney Gets Shot Yet Again, or How Not to Punctuate Dialogue

Lengthy Conversations in a Dungeon: Varney the Vampyre Uncertain of Own Trope

Excitement, adventure, karmic retribution: Varney the Vampire Finally Has Some Stuff Happen

Unnecessary Digressions, Comic Undertakers, "Down with Bannerworth Hall!": Varney the Vampire features Another Angry Mob

"Down with everything and everybody!", or Conversations with a Hangman: Varney the Vampire Does Backstory

Nefarious Woodworking and Unwelcome Hangmen: Varney the Vampire Gets Interesting Again

Chillingworth Loses Coveted "Only Sane Person" Status, or, Varney the Vampyre steals someone else's plot

What in the Name of All That's Inexplicable: Varney the Vampyre Gets Away Yet Again

To Me 'Tis Full of Horrible Shapes: Someone At So Long Last Calls Varney the Vampyre On His Bullshit

"There are things living in the stream, and I am one of them": Varney the Vampyre Goes Nowhere Fast

"He wants a dollop of blood from somebody": Varney the Vampyre and the Angry Mob, Parkour Edition

"And now I have but to lie down and die": Varney the Vampyre Retcons His Own Goddamn Introduction

Grave-Robbing and Pointless Hungarians: Varney the Vampyre spends this one largely passed out

Art Theft and Ent Henchmen: The Farewell of Varney the Vampyre