appropriate use of the freedom frisbee

freedom frisbee1.jpg


freedom frisbee2.jpg

hey imperialist scum

whatcha doing

freedom frisbee3.jpg

oh hey bedhead october

nothing much, just conducting a long-awaited structural analysis of rogers’ big back-mounted metal target

you know, this thing absolutely should not work

at all

i know right

it’s like he tells it where to go with his brain or something

“screw you, physics, it is going to look totally badass when i bounce it off the heads of five bad guys in a row and then casually catch it one-handed without looking”

at least thor has the excuse that he’s a magic space viking

freedom frisbee4.jpg


i think he’s figured out it’s missing

how’d you get hold of it anyway

ganked it while he was busy posting on his askblog

freedom frisbee5.jpg

oh oh wait i just had the most brilliant idea

get this

how about we play disc golf

with the freedom frisbee

that is the best idea anyone has ever had

freedom frisbee6.jpg

dammit stark

didn’t your mother ever teach you it was rude to take people’s stuff without asking?


i borrowed it

anyway me and red scare are gonna drink some beers and go play disc golf in central park

with my shield

you got it

with a priceless historic artifact and iconic symbol of truth, justice, and the american way

pretty much

i’m in

i’ll get the pbr