upstaged by superannuated weapons technology


i’m just saying

the stark-trolling campaign would be twice as efficient with two people leaving passive-aggressive notes for him in cyrillic cursive 

instead of one person

that’s all

you’re not even listening to me are you



aaaand that would be why you’re not even listening to me

hey, clint, looking…remarkably buff there

i’m impressed

yeah what is that like crossfit or something? 

do u even lift

that’s classified, barnes

oh hey check it out i talk in strikethrough, like an arrow shot or something

thematic consistency is super cool


hey, nat, long time no see

Hey, Agent Barton. Where the hell have you been?

that’s also classified but it involved some absolutely sweet jumping off of rooftops and badassing around with implausible trick shots, you would have had a great time

Typical, you’re off on vacation while practically everyone I know is trying to kill me. Which, okay, it’s not like that’s a super rare occurrence.


well you killed them back, obviously

except that guy

He’s kind of a special case. C'mon, you can buy me a latte and I’ll fill you in on all the ridiculous shit that’s been happening since the last time I saw you.

don’t mind if i do


–Spoiler warning for apparent major character death, though.

–shpff we’re marvel, we never stay dead for all that long



did we just get upstaged by a dude whose claim to fame is literally that he uses a weapon that went obsolete as soon as guns were invented in what, like the fourteenth century

is that what just happened

i really really wish stark was here right now

because there is a gun show joke just begging to be made and i can’t possibly do it justice

oh my god there absolutely is